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Delivery Information

The estimated delivery lead time quoted to you at the time of order is an at best estimate of the delivery period. Whilst every effort is made at all times to achieve this date, it does happen occasionally that delays are encountered that are often outside of our control. Furniture-Warehouse will make every effort to expedite delayed lead times and will make every effort to ensure that the customer is updated on the progress of the delayed order.

The following Terms and Conditions regulate sales orders at Furniture-Warehouse:

We strive to deliver on the date and time advised. While we are committed to deliver on time, the actual delivery date is subject to prevailing circumstances and may be subject to variation.

Ownership of the goods will rest with Furniture-Warehouse until payment has been received in full where after an invoice will be issued. Payment of the full value of the order is required before Furniture-Warehouse will deliver or before we can authorize collection.

Delivery Policy:

(a) Deliveries will be supplied by Furniture-Warehouse subject to your address being within our designated delivery zones and you will be charged accordingly on your invoice.

(b) Deliveries will be available from Monday to Saturday.

(c) For deliveries outside our designated zones, you will be contacted by our staff to confirm delivery price and delivery instructions.

(d) For collection of goods from the Furniture-Warehouse warehouses, prior arrangement and acknowledgement is essential prior to such collection. Please note that no goods will be given to outside transporters unless Furniture-Warehouse has been paid in full for such goods. Proof of payment in full must be on hand for any goods to be released and payments need to be cleared. In the event of outside contractors collecting on behalf of a customer, Furniture-Warehouse may in addition to proof of payment in full, contact the customer to confirm proceedings.

To ensure a smooth and timely delivery of Furniture-Warehouse goods, please make sure that you clear the room(s) in advance where your new goods are to be located prior to the delivery service arriving. The Customer must remove all breakable items in the path of the delivery. Furniture-Warehouse delivery crew are not permitted to re-arrange Customers' furniture. Furniture-Warehouse delivery crew team will place the goods delivered in the place of the Customer's choice. The delivery crew is not permitted to uplift or take away with them any unwanted items of furniture or items not designated for removal previously with the sales team. It is in the customers' own interests that all loose items of value be removed from the delivery site and that in addition pets be secured in a safe location away from the crew and delivery site. Furniture-Warehouse cannot be held responsible for any items claimed to be missing following a delivery. Breakables such as glasses, vases, wall mountings etc must be secured or removed from the delivery site. Furniture-Warehouse cannot be held responsible for any items claimed to be missing following a delivery.

Delivery policy for flats and small apartments: The maximum sofa length that can be fitted into an elevator cannot exceed 2.1m If the flat or apartment does not have a suitable lift for the furniture, then the Furniture Warehouse delivery team will only be allowed to carry the items up to 1st floor in height, providing the passages are wide enough to accommodate the items without any damages to the goods. Furniture-Warehouse delivery teams are not equipped to hoist goods over balconies. Should items be required to be hoisted a dedicated team would be required and subject to an additional charge. Furniture-Warehouse shall not be responsible for any damage whatsoever whether direct or consequential rising out of the use of the goods or in respect of any late or short delivery.

Furniture-Warehouse furnishes with its goods, its standard guarantees only and no other guarantees, warranties or representations of whatsoever nature will be made to the Customer by Furniture-Warehouse in respect of such goods.

All "special orders" placed cannot be reversed once a deposit has been paid. In the event of Furniture-Warehouse agreeing to refund monies paid either prior to or post-delivery due to circumstances unrelated to product quality or lead times, and If Furniture-Warehouse agrees to accept return of any goods, the Customer will be liable for a 10% handling charge calculated on the purchase price of those goods. The onus of proof of return and proof of purchase rests with the customer at all times.

If after 31 days of notification by Furniture-Warehouse that your goods are ready for delivery or collection, you as the customer fail to make full and final payment, Furniture-Warehouse reserves the right to sell them to cover expenses.

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