CHESTERFIELD HEADBOARD KING (Various Leatherette Options)

R3 865

CHESTERFIELD HEADBOARD KING (Various Leatherette Options)

R3 865


The Chesterfield is a Classic, timeless and striking design. Should you want something to make a huge impact in a room this will be your design of choice.

At Furniture Warehouse we are all about options and Local quality furniture.


Leatherette is manufactured using Polyurethane. There is no bonded backing so the material will be thinner than Bonded PU (budget price range). A good leather look is achieved with this affordable material


Bonded Leatherette is manufactured using Polyurethane with a bonded backing to make the material thicker (medium price range). A good leather look and feel is achieved with this very affordable and durable material.

Special leatherette. This is a very durable polyurethane with some texture adding some character to the Fabric.


VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE : Leather will outlast any of the above Leatherettes 10 fold. It definitely is the better choice.

CORRECTED LEATHER – As the name indicates Corrected Grain Leather has had the surface grain partially removed due to the fact that the tannery has deemed that the hide has too many natural hallmarks on the surface. The tannery will ‘correct’ the surface and then apply a simulated grain to the surface after the pigmented finish is applied.

BUFFED LEATHER – The top surface is removed by abrasion to create a nap. This creates a 2 tone (colour), where the abrassed areas are lighter in colour. The leather has a soft velvet look and touch to it, which defines absolute class and comfort.. A beautiful Patina develops over time. Various EXOTIC colour options are available.

Aniline leather – Aniline leather is the most natural-looking leather type and is coloured with soluble aniline dyes. Aniline leather is a high quality product. Aniline leather feels natural, soft and warm to the touch. Aniline leather as with Buffed leather will also develop an amazing patina over time.

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Dimensions 300 × 1990 × 1360 mm


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