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Jonny Kids Pedestal (1Draw)

Dimensions: 390(W) x 390(L) x 390(H)
Colour: Blue & White

“Our little ones have their own personalities and needs, and therefore they need their own special place in this big world.
Help create the ultimate dream room for your children with our new Kids range.

Our Jonny kids bedroom range has clean cut curves for the ultimate modern look, made from high grade saligna,
kiln dried and bathed in a rich finish of your choice

Finished off with a veneered top, which offers low maintenance, durability and is cost effective, it comes with solid boards,
which gives your mattress extra support, and you can be assured of a good night’s rest.

Our Jonny kids bedroom range offers the complete package which helps you complete your look with matching components
such as beds, desks and so much more…keep on browsing.”


5 years on the structure, frame, hardware, runners and hinges.
3 years on the veneer covering.
1 year on the workmanship and varnish.

Please note that the proper care and maintenance has to be applied, normal wear and tear will not be guaranteed.

The following limitations to this warranty are given.

– The warranty does not apply to furniture that was, at any time, used as a floor sample or display model.
– The warranty does not apply to furniture that was sold “as is” or second hand or furniture sold in a distressed state.
– The warranty does not apply to furniture damaged by any other company used for collections/deliveries that is not our own.
– The warranty only covers furniture intended for normal household/office use.
– The warranty does not cover any condition resulting from misuse or abuse.
– The warranty does not cover scratches, gouges, stains, heat marks, water marks, imprints, ink, marker, neglect and normal wear and tear.
– The warranty does not cover broken mirrors or glass.
– Repairs under warranty will only be done if accompanied by a copy of the original receipt.

All repairs not covered by this warranty will be charged for as well as any repairs that fall outside the 1 year period

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