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Welcome, you are now visiting South Africa's most popular furniture website and we are very very happy to have you on board!

Fact: 1000’s of clients will visit this site today! The secret is unveiled………we supply more furniture based on several facts: 

Why?  – because we are furniture specialists

  • we offer the widest variety including BUDGET, MID RANGE & PREMIUM material options on all items
  • at the lowest prices
  • at the best quality 
  • we tell no lies, have integrity, value principals and follow family values

Furniture Warehouse is a compact, no frills attached, high volume furniture retailer with prices even lower than wholesale beacuse we sell straight to the public.  

We focus on marketing, displaying and distributing 1000’s of products manufactured by our affiliated local factories to homes and commercial buildings all over Africa.

Our Gauteng stores are open to the public 7 days a week. 

Our Centurion branch is mandated to cater for all Tshwane and neighbouring towns. 
The Boksburg branch cater for the East Rand and their surrounding / neighbouring towns. The Randburg branch cater for the greater Johannesburg region including neighbouring towns such as Rustenburg. 

Online clients can however select which branch they want to deal with, no matter where they are situated. 
Whether you are in Springbok Northern Cape or Gabon Northern Africa you will be pleased to know, our furniture has already reached your shores previously so we are ready to supply you next, wherever you are.

The stores are manned with expert managers and sales teams to ensure the best level of service to the public.

We assure our clients that our delivered product is of the highest standard available on the SA market and will always “pound for pound” be the best option for you to consider.  

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Free Shipping

we work with proven designers and manufacturers, that’s why we can guarantee 100% quality of all items.

24/7 Support

we ship all over USA as well as overseas. It takes 3-5 business days for package to be delivered within US.

Payment Process

we offer affordable prices and regularly announce sales on last season’s items.

We cater for all homes and buyer types. No matter where you live or what your taste, we will have a option for you and guarantee the lowest price.

We are not interested in low quality products. Please be aware of product that look ok on a picture.

We manufacture items in various sizes to suite any room size, for example if you have a small, medium or large size lounge or bedroom we will have the right size couch or bed for you.

Thereafter you can select, based on your budget, your desired material type.


  • BUDGET: Pine / Pleather
  • MEDIUM: Veneer / Bonded Leather
  • PREMIUM: Hardwood / Leather Hide

its your choice…………..

No other furniture dealer offers more options than Furniture Warehouse


  • The market is swamped with similar looking items at lower prices.
  • Those items might look similar but are they genuinely the same or similar quality?  Most probably not….

Selecting furniture is similar to motor vehicles.

Did you select to purchase a quality, reputable motor car or brand rather than a cheap one that looks similar, maybe a newcomer that is not tried and tested?

With the Furniture Warehouse brand you are in good hands, since 2001, we have stood the test of time.

The Founder

John Smith is a founder and a mastermind of Speedio. He gathered a devoted team and built a partnership, so that now we are one unified team. John Smith is well-known in bikers circles as a true rider and a person who adores custom-bikes.

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