First month (For wooden patio products only)

Please wear plastic gloves. (the Maintenace oil is toxic and can affect your skin)

  • Apply the special oil (available at our shops only) once a week for the first month
  • (Always use plastic gloves – the oil might react with your skin)
  • Ensure you clean up any spillage on the table immediately with a dry cloth.
  • (Do not use the furniture until the oil penetrated, otherwise wipe off the excess oil)
  • (Store the oil in a safe place; keep away from children, animals and heat (fire)
  • Tighten up the Allen key bolts once a week – continue on a weekly basis until furniture stabilizes.


  • Apply the oil once a month. This will feed and nourish the wood to keep it looking healthy. Ideally apply on a warm day so it can penetrate to its max potential.
  • You can also clean your table with any other wax based product like Mr Min etc.
  • All our wooden furniture is treated with our fine quality oils before delivery.They are designed to repel water (and prevent UV rays) but ringing can form if hot plates, mugs and glasses are placed directly on the table surface. If possible use place mats and coasters.
  • The oil will nourish the wood and offer maximum protection against the elements.
  • Check all bolts at the end of each month and tighten any loose ones.


Warning: do not clean the table with water, soap and other detergents – this will strip it of its protective oils.

RECOMMENDED: PVC covers are available for full protection
(Especially handy when going on holiday, or for protection against animals)