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TV plasma units

A TV needs a beautiful tv unit to be showcased on. Having a beautiful TV stand is an integral part of your room.

Easily match the rest of your TV room by choosing from our wide range and different style TV cabinets available in stores. To help you determine the style to go for, start off looking at the theme of your room and of course where you will be placing your cabinet.

Locally made since 2001.

Furniture warehouse TV plasma units are proudly South African due to the fact that we have quality, low cost furniture sourced from local suppliers only.

The most options in SA!

We have a huge range of TV plasma units. Due to our limitless colour, sizes and design options customization is possible.


Veneer board

We source veneer board locally. It helps to achieve a decorative grain pattern on the living room furniture and equally important does not warp.


Online, Randburg, Boksburg and Centurion.

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