•  Only if the product is still under warranty.
  • Only if the “maintenance” procedures were followed (and followed correctly). (An inspection report will be issued from the factory)
  • If the product was used for normal use.
  • Only if it is a genuine FURNITURE WAREHOUSE product.
  • If the product was not modified in any way. (e.g. “varnished”, painted, coated)


2.CHARGED: FOR LABOUR ONLY (AT COST) IF:The warranty expired.

  • If the product was used abnormally (e.g.: exposed to heavy weight or weather conditions)
  • If maintenance procedures were not followed according to the factory inspection report.
  • If the product was modified. (e.g.: “varnished”, painted or coated)



  • The product must be forwarded to the nearest shop by the customer. (A delivery fee will be charged if the customer cannot drop the items off at the shop. Collection and delivery fees are applicable when items need to be repaired/returned. These costs are not covered by the guarantee and/or warranty. Clients may arrange their own transport to and from their homes or can liaise with the store to help with the process. Our Stores and affiliated Factories are based in Gauteng. We/the stores are not liable to collect/return repaired items outside of Gauteng. )
  • The FURNITURE WAREHOUSE consultant will create a “CRO” (Customer Repair Order)
  • The client will be informed when the factory inspection report is received.
  • The repair fee or cost will be forwarded to the client (if applicable)
  • The repairing process will only commence once the client approves of the fee charged.
  • The consultant will contact the client once the goods are received back (repaired) from the factory.
  • A CRO invoice will be issued to the client.
  • Goods will only be released once payment is cleared (see “ordering & payment system).
  • Goods not collected within x30 days will be sold as “CLEARANCE”. (Unless prior arrangement were made)