Pine Single Bed Oregon

R1 899

Pine Single Bed Oregon

R1 899


Our Single SB Pine Bed (budget range) is super sturdy and ideal for children. Designed to withstand the test of time this quality piece of furniture is a must-have at a low price. This bed comes in single, 3/4, double, queen and king standard length or Extra length size.

This bed is built to cope with everyday use, it has a solid frame and is durable to last you many years to come is on sale at any of our Branches or Online!

There is plenty of space under the bed for storage of all sorts of things, it is now in stock and on special, this bed moves fast so get yours today.


  • This Product is now in stock and on sale at any of our Branches or Online!
  • If you find this product at a better price we will match or better that price.
  • At Furniture Warehouse we are all about options and local quality furniture at bargain prices.
  • This product is manufactured in South Africa.
  • You will not find this exclusive product at this price and quality anywhere else.
  • Best prices guaranteed, since 2001.

1 review for Pine Single Bed Oregon

  1. zainabmahomed5

    This product is beyond expectation for the prize I was expected an okay quality but the gloss finish and the size is great, I would recommend this product for growing kids.

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